[Other] Black Desert - Celebrating Black Desert FESTA!




  • J's Hammer of Loyalty

  • [Event] Swimsuit Selection Box

  • Shudad's Courier (Tier 4)

  • [Event] Lollipop Accessory Box Unused J's Hammer of Loyalty will be removed during the July 26, 2023 (Wed) maintenance.


  • J's Hammer of Loyalty

  • J’s Special Box

  • Advice of Valks (+150)

  • [Event] Thankful Premium Outfit Box

  • [Event] Nostalgia Classic Box

  • [Event] Exciting Adventure Outfit Box

  • Cron Stone x2,000 The J's Special Scroll obtained from J's Special Box is valid for 30 days from the moment of acquisition. Shai and Maegu cannot open the [Event] Thankful Premium Outfit Box


  • Blessed Message Scroll (120 min) x10

  • Advice of Valks (+50)

  • [Event] Enhancement Help Kit III

  • Cron Stone x100

SUPE-RADV-ENTU-RERS Cron Stone x1000

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